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Looking for some game designs? None of these game, and puzzle patterns require electricity, a computer, or a cell phone. Ideal for rainy days, or to keep at the cabin.

All free patterns are in PDF format, and are easily downloaded. Need a PdF Reader? Download free PDF Reader.


Width x Height
Backgammon Board
Backgammon Board WP-722

Create your own unique game board to play on, or sell. Can also be use to create a table top.

Free PDF

Pattern consists of 5 pages

18 x 14$3.00
Pentomino Puzzle WP-690

A pentomino is an arrangement of 5 unit cubes. The problem is to fit the 12 pentomino pieces into various shapes, most often rectangles. Challenging and addicting.

8 x 5 $1.75
PentominoPentomino Solutions WP-690A

(Free with purchase of above puzzle pattern.) Includes several solutions for 3x15, 4x12, and 6x10 rectangles, and different animals.

WP-685 Vamoose Peg Game Vamoose Peg Game WP-685 

Simple peg and dice game for two players.

6 x 2Free