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Sell Your Crafts books: You have made it, now what do you do with it? Build your library. Books to help you sell your completed projects on-line, and in the marketplace. Turn your hobby into a business.


BEN LOMOND GUN CLUB: Offers and Encourages Organized Firearms Shooting. Located 45 Miles from Castle Rock, 47 Miles from Parker, and 43 Miles from Colorado Springs at 23195 County Road 105 in Elbert County. There are over a dozen ranges for use on the 560 acre Shooting Facility. Membership for BEN LOMOND GUN CLUB is through its Club Chapters, which include TriLakes (Monument), Franktown, Elizabeth, Littleton, Colorado Springs and Calhan.


Celtic Faerie Jewelry: Victorian Style Costume Jewelry by Tina, specially created to go with the fancy costuming as worn by the Cowboy Action Shooting ladies, the Red Hat ladies, reenacters, and anyone who is intersted in Victorian era accessories.

JDHurt Web Development: We are dedicated to helping small businesses launch their dreams, communicate with core audiences, and most importantly close sales!.