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Water Jet and Plasma Cutting Patterns

Please Note: Nearly all of our Scroll Saw, and Intarsia Art patterns may be purchased as a dxf file (water jet, laser, plasma cutting pattern). If you find a pattern elsewhere on our website you like that is not shown below, please do not hesitate to email us for the dxf file price. For best results, provide file number, and name of pattern. We have also provided a download link for any of our free dxf files found on other pages.

When you purchase one of our dxf files, there is no limit to the number of items you may create, however we do not sell the rights for you to sell, trade or give away printed copies, or modified dxf files.

Mail questions to: jimh@otbpatterns.com

Each of our dxf patterns is intended to be used to create the coding or programming to cut a decorative item out of metal (and some other materials) using a waterjet, laser cutter (or engraver), or a plasma cutter. Some modification to the file may need to be made to work with your particular equipment. It is assumed that persons purchasing these files are familiar with their equipment and the safe handling of the machines and materials.

Note: dxf files may easily be modified to change the sizes of your finished items.

After receiving your payment, your dxf file AND all instructions will be emailed to you.

Patterns in dxf format require a cad program, or drawing viewer to open. Download free DXF viewer.

Plan #ImageDescriptionSize

Width x Height

 MA-640  MA-640 Cowboy Welcome Cowboy Welcome 

This dfx file was made specifically to use to program a waterjet to cut items from metal.

11 1/8 x 12Free
 MA-909  MA-909 Elk Mountain dxf pattern Elk Mountain

This is a great dxf pattern to use to create a piece of metal art that can be finished to go with nearly any decor.

10 x 8 1/2$5.00
 MA-927  MA-927 Koi dxf pattern Koi
This is a great dxf pattern to use to create a piece of metal art around a water feature, or simply to display.

14 1/2 x 10$5.00
 MA-936  MA-936 Duck Welcome Sign dxf pattern Duck Welcome
This is a pattern to creat a welcome sign to attach to the side of a building, or on a post. It is great dxf pattern for creating an item for the outdoorsman, or duck lover.

9 x 13$5.00
 MA-955  MA-955 Hummingbird pattern Hummingbird
This is a pattern to create a fancy hummingbird. It is great dxf pattern for creating an item to sell or display using a water jet to cut it. Cut as a two piece item or modify your cutting lines to create a one piece item.

10 x 11$5.00
 MA-961 MA-961 Penny Farthing Pattern
Penny Farthing 

This is an item I cut occassionally to show off the water jet's cutting precision. Use a smaller nozzle to cut a smaller version of this. Spray your finished item with a nice metal paint, and it is great to display.

3 13/16 x 4 3/8Free
MA-938 Horse Head II dxf pattern Horse Head II

This is great dxf pattern with it's own stand to display on a shelf. Ideal item for the outdoorsman, or horse lover.

10 x 7$5.00
 MA-962 MA-962 Standing Kokopelli dxf file
Standing Kokopelli 

The area around the foot is meant to be bent to act as a stand for the finished Kokopelli. Spray your finished item with a nice metal paint, and it is a great item to display.

3 1/2 x 4 1/2Free