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Wood Working Patterns

All of our woodwork patterns are simple enough, that just about anyone can complete an object they will be proud of to use, or sell. A few hand tools, a place to work, some plywood or lumber, and armed with our patterns you are ready to go. If you do not know how to read plans, our gun cart patterns may be a little intimidating, however, we are here to help. You may alway email, or call us with any of your questions.

Our gun cart and gun rack plans were designed and used by a SASS cowboy action shooter (Chireno, SASS #6978), and are the perfect compliment to any cowboy's shooting equipment.

All free patterns are in PDF format, and are easily downloaded. Need a PdF Reader? Download free PDF Reader.


Width x Height

Gun Cart with Doors woodworking patternGun Cart WP-602 (with doors)

If you are tired of hauling your guns around at cowboy matches, then this could be just the item for you. You can use this complete set of plans to build a gun cart that not only protects your expensive firearms from the elements, but provides a seat, and place to stash snacks.

30 x 53$5.00
Simple Gun Rack woodworking plans Gun Rack WP-603

This is a fairly simple plan for a gun rack to hang on the wall. Includes Elk and Duck medallion layout to personalize your completed gun rack.

Free PDF 10 Sheets
23 x 28$5.75
Break-down Gun Cart woodworking plan Gun Cart WP-605 (take-apart)

These are the plans you are looking for if you want to build a quality gun cart that can easily be broken down to fit in the trunk of your car, or for storage.

22+ x 52+$9.95

Quilt Stand woodworking pattern Quilt Stand WP-606

Here is an item that is sure to please anyone who collects, or makes quilts. This pattern is for a simple stand that when finished will hold three quilts. Add one of our free or inexpensive fretwork patterns to cutout one or both uprights to create a custom look.

27.5 x 30FREE
WP-607 Picnic Table Picnic Table WP-607 

Here is a simple picnic table that can be cut and built in an afternoon. Complete instructions and parts list included.

48 x 72Free
WP-608 Hearts Keepsake box Woodworking Pattern Hearts Keepsake Box WP-608 

This is a fairly simple box pattern. Cut box plain or use the Hearts circular pattern to create an item you can be proud to use, display, give as a gift, or sell. This pattern includes bonus patterns for the front and sides.

8" square
5 1/8" tall
WP-1327 Saddle Stand Saddle Stand WP-1327 

This is a fairly simple pattern requiring only 3 8' long 1 x 6s (3/4" X 5 1/2")to build. This pattern can be used to build a saddle stand to use, give as a gift, or sell. Requires a few simple tools to build.

16 1/2" wide
32" tall