Take-apart Gun Cart Pattern / Plans
WP-605 by OTB Patterns

Take Apart Gun Cart WP-605
Cross Section showing gun cart apart

ATTENTION Cowboy Action Shooters - Old West Reenactors

If you are tired of hauling your guns around at cowboy matches, then this could be just the item for you.

This is a complete set of plans to build a FOUR gun cart (WP-605) that can easily be taken apart to place in the trunk of your car, yet is substantial enough to take any abuse you might give it. No doors so you can haul your rifles with the actions open. Box can be filled with your ammo, cleaning supplies, snacks and water.

All materials, and parts are listed, and are easily obtainable from your local hardware store.

Pattern is just $6.50.

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Take apart Gun Cart
Pattern / Plans by OTB Patterns

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